Коваленко Антон

Anton Kovalenko

Database Administrator & Developer Domino/Notes

I like to develop complex client / server systems in a Lotus Domino / Notes environment. I do both from scratch and modify existing systems.


  • FOP KovalenkoNovember 2011 — Until now

    Database Administrator & Developer Lotus Domino/Notes
    Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu, Linux

    My experience in Lotus Domino / Notes is 19 years
    Price: $ 25 hour
    I work under contracts, far off, in the territory of the customer.

    I offer services by IBM Lotus Domino/Notes:
    · creating a new project
    · completion / modernization / technical support / consultation of an existing project / system
    · database optimization / migration to version: 5,6,7,8,8.5,9,10
    · troubleshooting, improved functionality / ergonomics
    · extension of functionality, creation of WEB interface
    · development of an existing project under WEB
    · WEB optimization, CEO, statistics
    · database administration, analysis and tuning
    · analysis and recommendations for the improvement of the existing project
    · migrate / import an existing project to Lotus
    · setup of integration of data from different systems in Lotus
    · translation into Russian, Ukrainian, English
  • BANCOMZVJAZOKApril 2005 - November 2011

    Head of the SED development team.

    "BANCOMZVJAZOK". Ukraine, Kiev. http://www.bkc.com.ua
    Platforms: PC.
    Operating Systems: 2008, 2003, XP, W2K, Ubuntu
    Programming languages and systems: Lotus Domino 6/7/8/8.5; LotusScript; JavaScript; HTML/DHTML; xPage

    SED "MasterDoc"- http://MasterDoc.com.ua, http://www.bkc.com.ua
    ·creation of a new unique document management and business system
    ·custom rules for editing / visibility of documents given posts
    ·advanced / integrated / design search by any / any parameters
    ·new extended / custom reporting
    ·scaling / clustering / replication
    ·use of the system in the "combine" (uniform templates for all customers)
    ·import / export from other systems
    ·development of tools for self-correction / self-administration SED
    ·integration with conventional / streaming / network scanners via TWAIN drivers
    ·development for the use of free ubuntu operating systems(http://www.ubuntu.com)
    ·cooperation / integration with ABBY (text recognition http://www.abbyy.ua), AVTOR(EDS http://www.author.kiev.ua)
    ·participation / development / integration of the Order No. 70 "about the implementation of the Standards and Protocols of the automation systems for the document system"
    ·optimization thanks to the developed utility Lotus Analyzer
    ·administration / consultation / support / implementation / analytics / presentations
    ·self-diagnostic module and self-tuning
    Status: in operation

    SED "Boss-Reference"
    ·new document editing / visibility rules
    ·advanced / comprehensive search by any / any parameters
    ·new enhanced reporting
    ·import from other systems
    ·consultation / support / implementation
    Status: in operation

  • ITCSSeptember 2004 - April 2005

    Administrator and developer.

    "ITCS". Ukraine, Kiev. http://www.itcs.com.ua
    Platforms: PC.
    Operating Systems: NT, W2K, WinXP.
    Programming languages and systems: Lotus Domino 6; LotusScript; JavaScript; HTML/DHTML.

    Information technology, system integration, Internet
    Software development
    System integration, automation of technological and business processes of the enterprise, IT consulting

  • PRAVEX-BANKOctober 2002 - September 2004

    Administrator and developer.

    PRAVEX-BANK. Ukraine, Kiev. http://www.pravex.com
    Platforms: PC.
    Operating Systems: MS Win9x, ME, NT, W2K, WinXP.
    Programming languages and systems: Lotus Domino 5.07-6.5.1; LotusScript; JavaScript; HTML/DHTML.

    All projects created by me in the Lotus Domino / Notes environment for PRAVEX-BANK JSCB are banking secrecy (BT) and / or confidential information (CI), so I can only list the functions / features of these projects:
    ·Hard Individual Mail Routing for all mail messages based on: “who to whom to where” (considering the position, structure ...), what size, what attachments, when, etc.
    ·Flexible and convenient DB backing mechanism
    ·Links to other database systems via COM or file sharing
    ·Internet services (lending, questioning, showing personal online information, etc.)
    ·"File turntables" - import / export of investments from / to Lotus
    ·Mail notifications / reports / mailings of any kind / type
    ·Mail Integration with Fax Server
    ·Reports of any forms and types, followed by saving to Excel, Word, Crystall Report, etc.
    ·Importing data from: office products and other file types
    ·Integrated systems / communications dependent on each other (EDMS + CRM)
    ·More flexible administration / user / server management mechanisms
    ·Heterogeneous storage of information with subsequent "smart" archiving / deletion / export
    ·Convenient / high-speed / optimized code (based on extensive experience and undocumented information)
    Status: in operation

    Calls. Call Accounting System
    Description: the system is designed to record and control all incoming calls. With control in case of feedback. Build automatically 20 types of reports in MS Excel. Work is carried out through Lotus Notes. Automatic notification in case of deadlines.
    Operating Systems: Win32
    Database: Lotus Domino
    Programming languages: LotusScript, JavaScript
    Role: project manager, developer
    Personal functions: development, testing
    Status: in operation

  • KCKOctober 2001 - October 2002

    Application Developer, Lead Specialist, Project Manager. Kiev department of development.

    KCK Technologies. Moscow, Russia (KCK-Soft, Kiev, Ukraine). http://www.kck.ru
    Lotus Notes projects: management and development.
    Administer Lotus Domino.
    Platforms: PC.
    Physical environment: UTP 100 Mb.
    Operating Systems: MS Win9x, ME, NT, W2K, WinXP.
    Programming languages and systems: Lotus Notes (Domino) 4.52-5.09; LotusScript; JavaScript; HTML/DHTML.

    Intera. Backup Module
    Description: The system is designed to provide the possibility of booking resources for this purpose through intranet / internet.
    Part 1: work with the database is conducted on three levels: master, administrator, user.
    Subpart 2: the user views the reservation of certain resources by name, type, subtype, in calendar mode, with the imposition of filters. Its functions include the ability to submit an application for reserving a certain resource, with the involvement of some of its sub-resources, for a certain period of time.
    Subpart3: the administrator has the ability to view applications submitted, accept, reject, adjust them, create new resources, change information about them, control the types of resources.
    Part 4: the master has full access to the database. He adds the ability to edit almost any static text on the module pages, change the graphic design (styles) of the base to all the above listed functions.
    Operating Systems: Win32
    Database: Lotus Notes
    Programming languages: JavaScript, LotusScript, DHTML
    Role: developer
    Personal functions: planning, development, testing
    Status: delivered to customer
    Comments: the project is optimized for all browsers available at that time (IE, NN, Mozzila, Opera ...). During operation, all actions with the database at all access levels are made only with the help of internet-browsers, the module does not have notes-access. There are all sorts of automatic tracking: for the arrival of new applications, the end of the reservation period, the incompatibility of the dates ...

    Vigo Suite. ELingerie web portal (www.elingerie.ru)
    Description: lingerie portal eLingerie.
    Operating Systems: Win32
    Database: Lotus Notes
    Programming languages: LotusScript, JavaScript, Java, Flash, HTML
    Role: developer
    Personal functions: planning, control, development, testing
    Status: delivered to customer
    Comments: the project consists of 10 bases and implements the following functions: the company’s owner’s page; catalog of manufacturers and products; glossary; market news; online store. Orders are being processed, a full-text site search is being carried out, centralized administration and full monitoring of attendance of portal pages is carried out.

    Relavis. eSales
    Description: a package of complex automation of business processes of medium and large organizations.
    Part 1: after registration a personal profile is created with a page in the intranet.
    Subpart2: users conduct their work in this application: contacts, customers, contracts, correspondence, projects, tasks, product price-catalog, sales, bookkeeping, tech. support.
    Part 3: using a personal page, each project user can view the status of his personal affairs via the internet.
    Operating Systems: Win32, Macintosh
    Database: Lotus Notes
    Programming languages: LotusScript, JavaScript, HTML
    Role: developer, tester
    Personal functions: processing of the sent comments, revision of new versions, documentation of alleged faults.
    Status: delivered to customer
    Comments: the standard kit consists of 17 databases. This product is the property of Relavis and is a boxed version of large-scale office work for Western companies. Employees on our part are used by the company for those. support, creating modifications and new versions.

    Relavis. Arizona Chemical
    Description: an individual case management project for Arizona Chemical
    Operating Systems: Win32
    Database: Lotus Notes
    Programming languages: LotusScript, JavaScript, HTML
    Role: developer
    Personal functions: dismantling and modernization of TZ, planning, programming, testing, consulting in the implementation of
    Status: delivered to customer
    Comments: The project is based on the Relavis "Overquota" product. Contains simplified accounting, transportation accounting, customer service for a polymer industrial company. It has a base of forms, a bank of official functions.

  • POOLJanuary 2000 - October 2001

    Вeveloper applications. Development department.

    TOV “POOL”. Kiev, Ukraine. http://www.pool.kiev.ua
    Platforms: PC, Macintosh.
    Physical environment: UTP 10, 100 Mb.
    Operating Systems: MS Win 9x, NT.
    Programming languages and systems: Lotus Notes 4.52-5.01a; LotusScript & Macros.

    SAUK - Corporate Management Automation System
    Description: the package is intended for the integrated automation of the workflow of medium and large enterprises of Ukraine.
    Operating Systems: Win32
    Database: Lotus Notes
    Programming languages: LotusScript
    Role: developer
    Personal functions: programming, support, upgrade
    Status: in operation
    Comments: the package consists of 3 blocks and is a box product of the company "PUL". Includes: Incoming-Outgoing, Orders and Orders, Human Resources. It implements classic document circulation, the possibility of using the package as a material for teaching office work at the University at the Faculty of Personnel Management and Management was considered. Contains all standard forms of orders, orders, control cards, implements the processes of coordination, review, familiarization, approval, control over execution, etc.

  • VASFebruary 1995 - June 1996

    Engineer-developer applications. Development department.

    Private Enterprise “Implementation of Automated Systems (VAS)”, Kremenchug, Ukraine.
    Responsible for programming SAPRA. http://www.vas.com.ua
    Platforms: PC.
    Physical environment: UTP 10, 100 Mb.
    Operating Systems: MS DOS 6.x, PC DOS 7.0, MS Windows 3.x-95.
    Programming languages and systems: FoxPro for DOS, Borland C++ 2.0, 3.1.


  • IBM Certified Associate Developer2009

    IBM Certified Associate Developer Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5


  • Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers.1996-2001

    Automatic control and monitoring systems.

    Higher, master.


  • LotusScript

  • JavaScript

  • @Formula


  • xPage

  • Basic

  • Assembler

  • C/C++

  • Pascal

  • Visual C++

  • ODBC

  • JDBC

  • OLE

  • COM

  • SQL

  • FoxPro

  • XML



  • Mail

  • HTTP

  • iMap, POP3

  • Traveler

  • SameTime

  • xPage

  • TCP/IP


  • Evaluation of labor costs

  • Term designation

  • Risk identification

  • Project development

  • Support

  • SEO for WEB